2014. március 25., kedd

it hurts so much

Nothing..nothing can change that has happened. It only gets better with time. Only better, not perfect. A picture, a memorial, a word, a sound from the past smash me. It was different, but it was..it has happened.
This bad feeling will never pass, i have to fight this. But it so hard.
My heart breaks when I think of somebody who you love, who you hug, who you kiss. It sucks. You looked at the other girl's eyes and yours gleamed about her. You're crazy about her. Not about me. Your heart was beating for her. Not for me.You wasn't thinking about me. Just she was in your head.
I wish I had been the one and only. It wouldn't hurt me. I shouldn't do "overthinking".
It would be good, if you can change your past. But it's impossible.
You know, that I love you! But it make me sad often. I lost a lot of tears.
And there is something.. something what I wanted to say. Hm..
Oh, I know. I hate the f*cking past.

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